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“I am very pleased with the quality of care my child receives at Woodbridge Child Center.  The mix of play and academics is fantastic in the Pre-K room and I have full confidence that my son will be properly prepared to enter Kindergarten.  It is very clear that the teachers love the kids and have their best interests in mind when preparing lessons and activities. The tuition is not unreasonable when compared to other day care centers in the area considering the quality of care the children receive.”( Pre-K parent)

“This program is amazing. My husband and I are both doctors and work long hours but know our children are happy and well cared for at WCC.”  (family with infant & toddler)

“I have had 2 children go thru WCC and as my second child graduates this year we will be very sad to leave this wonderful and nurturing program.”  (parent of a 4 year old & graduate)

“It is amazing that Joy made so much progress during the past year. Thanks to Miss Sherri and Miss Michele for helping her along. WCC is a terrific program.”  (parent of a child who spoke no English on entering the Preschool)

“I am so happy my child is at WCC; it is an amazing place.”  (parent of infant)

“We have only been at WCC a short time but our child is thriving; it seems to be an excellent program.”  (toddler room parent)

“Words cannot express our appreciation to the entire teaching and administrative staff at WCC! 7 1/2 and 2 children later, we can thank you for the wonderful memories, the love, care and dedication you have shown Chase and Gabi! To teach is to touch a life forever. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for a wonderful experience and a great educational foundation for our children!” (Alumni Parent)

“We’ve really enjoyed our time at WCC and thank you and the staff for all the care and nurturing provided to Cassie and Nate. We’ll miss everyone. We’ve been very happy at WCC for the past 4.5 years and our children have grown and developed so positively. We’ve been so impressed with the things they have learned, like Cassie counting in Chinese and Nate’s appreciation for music. Thanks for your help over the years-you have always been helpful in researching topics that addressed our needs and provided open communication.”  (parents of a 2009 preschool graduate)

“It is with some sadness that we say “good-bye” to WCC. We could not have wished for a better place for Isabelle to be during her early (very formative) years. We are very grateful and thank you!”  (Alumni Parent)

“Thank you to all the staff at WCC for the outstanding care you provided to Felicia and Ashley over the past 7 years. We truly appreciate your commitment to excellence in child care.”  (Alumni Parent)

“Thank you for providing a fun and caring place for Charlie over the past few years. We truly appreciate Charlie’s teachers-their care and their patience (which we know is needed!)” (Alumni Parent)

“I am very grateful to have had all of your help during the past 5 years. In each of you I have found professional guidance, a caring heart, and a friend who has shared in the struggles and triumphs of my children’s early years. Ryan and Colin have been touched by all of you and WCC’s loving environment. You will be fondly remembered and sorely missed.” (Alumni Parent)

“A wonderful, nurturing, child-centered program! Many teachers have been there for a decade or more, creating amazing stability and continuity for families with working parents.” ( Alumni Parent)

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